Textile Framing

Textile Framing Quilt
Textile Framing Quilt

If you need a textile framing, you want to feel re-assured that the framer you entrust this work to will treat the item with care and use the correct materials and techniques to make sure that the item is not compromised or damaged.

This is a specialist area of framing because fabric items need to be supported and if required, stretched correctly in order to make them look their best within the frame.  All textile framing work done at Pure Framing is done using the correct methods and is reversible, so the item can be removed from the frame in its original condition at a later date if needed.

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The more commonly framed types of textiles

Textile Framing Rugby Shirt
Textile Framing Rugby Shirt

Textile framing covers anything made from textiles / fabric.  More commonly framed items include:

  • Embroidery
  • Cross Stitch
  • Needlepoint
  • Crewel
  • Appliqé
  • Quilting
  • Painted Fabric Art
  • Dyed Fabric Art (e.g. Batik)
  • Woven Fabric Art (e.g.Tapestry)
  • Multi-media Fabric Art
  • Decorative or practical fabric items (e.g. sports shirts, baby clothes)

Correct Methods of framing textiles

Textile Framing Tapestry
Textile Framing Tapestry

As with any framing, there are many ways of approaching it.  There are also “right ways” and “wrong ways”.  At Pure Framing, the main concern is to make sure that any item being framed is not altered in any way by the framing process.  The most appropriate way of framing your item will be discussed with you and options for supporting your item could include:

  • Lacing (the best method for tensioning fabric over a support board)
  • Tight Fit – suitable for silks or fine materials which may show “stress marks” if tension is applied.
  • Pinning
  • Stitching to a support cloth or board

There are other ways, such as gluing, taping or using commercial plastic tabs, but these methods are more risky in terms of damaging the textile and may not be reversible, so are not used at Pure Framing.


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Textile Framing Kilim Rug
Textile Framing Kilim Rug

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