Hand Finished Frames

Giving you choices with hand finished frames

At Pure Framing I offer hand finished  frames as an option because I understand that whilst there are thousands of factory finished mouldings out there, sometimes you have a very specific idea about the profile (shape) and width of the moulding that you want along with a specific colour or finish.

By offering hand finished frames I can offer options of different width and profile bare wood mouldings which I can then finish to your specification.

The finishes I offer are:

  • Waxed wood (including natural, black, white and combinations of these)
  • Stained and waxed wood (to achieve the colour / shade of wooden finish that you want, finished with wax to give a pleasing patina).
  • Painted wood (with a choice of 132 colours / shades to choose from, I use the Farrow & Ball range of paint colours).  These mouldings are undercoated and then finished with the colour of your choice.  This paint finish can then either be left mat, or waxed with a clear wax to provide a slightly harder finish with a slight patina.
  • Gessoed & Painted.  If you want a smoother finish (hiding the marking of the wood grain) then I can build up layers of gesso on the moulding before painting it using the Farrow & Ball paints.

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