Does your framer have the right insurance?

Does your framer have the right insurance?

When you are planning to have something valuable framed it is well worth taking a bit of time and doing your research first. Before you consider giving your business to a picture framer, ask yourself “does your framer have the right insurance?”.

It is important to find out what kind of insurance they carry.  Most picture framers are likely to have standard business insurance, but is this enough?  The short answer is no.

Check that your artwork will be insured to its full value not only whilst in storage at the framer’s premises but also while they are working on it during framing. The “working on it” part is known as “process” insurance. This is important because an unforeseen accident in the workshop could cause damage to your artwork.  Should the unthinkable happen, you need to know that your artwork is insured by the framer to cover the cost of specialist professional repair or restoration which can be pricey.

A good Framer will have invested in specialist Fine Art insurance to cover them when working on valuable and rare fine art as well as during storage on their premises. Make sure you have done your homework and asked “does your framer have the right insurance?” so that you don’t get caught out. A framer who has made this investment will never mind you asking the question.

Pure Framing is fully insured with specialist Fine Art insurance that covers both process and storage. Pure Framing is also a proud member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, upholding their framing standards. Jo Ronald is a Guild Certified Framer, having studied for, taken and passed the Fine Art Trade Guild’s rigorous examination and assessment process. Get in touch to book your consultation appointment for your framing work now.