Canvas Stretching & Framing

Canvas Stretching and Framing for displaying your canvasses

Whether you have an un-stretched canvas, or you have a canvas already stretched that you would like to display in a frame, Pure Framing’s canvas stretching and framing service is here to help.

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Canvas Stretching

Canvas Stretching and Framing Tray Frame
Canvas Stretching and Framing Tray Frame

If you have an un-stretched canvas (perhaps an original oil or acrylic on canvas, or a print) you will need to have it stretched onto stretcher bars in order to display it.

Stretcher Bars

The stretcher bars I use at Pure Framing are made from high quality Tulipwood (American Yellow Poplar).  This is a very stable and low emission timber.  It has less knots and a lower moisture content than standard softwood and is very stable with a low possibility of warping.  All stretched canvasses are correctly assembled at Pure Framing and include canvas keys (or wedges) in the corners.  This means that the canvas surface can be tightened in the future if it becomes slackened over time.

The stretcher bars come in three depths:  25mm, 32mm and 44mm.


Canvas Stretching Considerations

Canvas Stretch Museum Wrap
Canvas Stretching Museum Wrap

When stretching a canvas you have a choice of whether you would like the edges of the image to wrap around onto the sides of the stretchers.  This is a commonly used approach for canvasses you want to display without the addition of a frame.  Alternatively you may want the whole of the image displayed on the front face of the canvas.

Either way, when stretching a canvas,  you will need to have sufficient surplus canvas around the outside of the main image to allow for the depth of the stretcher bar plus the width of bar so for example on a 25mm deep stretcher bar you will need 25mm surplus canvas to cover the sides of the bars plus another 45-50mm of surplus canvas to wrap behind the bar where it will be attached.

Canvas Framing

If you have a canvas that is already stretched on to bars that you would like to display in a frame then there are two approaches to choose from:

Canvas Tray Frame
Canvas Tray Frame

Canvas Tray Frame

Your canvas is framed within a tray moulding.  This method allows you to see the whole of the face of the canvas.  A minimum gap of 3-6mm is left between the canvas edge and the tray enable the stretched canvas to expand and contract naturally without damaging the frame or warping the canvas.



A standard frame moulding

Canvas Frame
Canvas Frame

You can also choose from a wide range of standard frame mouldings as a surround for your canvas.  When you choose  this approach, a small part of the outside edge of the front of the canvas will be hidden under the rebate of the frame.  As with a tray frame, an expansion gap is needed between the outside edge of the canvas and the inner edge of the frame under the rebate.


You may choose to have a canvas frame glazed to provide extra protection from the enviroment.  In most cases however Oil and Acrylic paintings on canvas and canvas prints do not need to be glazed.



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