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Finding the right Picture Framer

Jo Ronald at Pure Framing
Jo Ronald at Pure Framing

This page is where you can find out a bit more about Pure Framing so that you can work out if I am going to be the right framer for you.

When you are looking for the right picture framer, you will want to know that they will be able to help you to make good decisions about the design of your frame and the materials chosen for the framing package.  Perhaps you also want to know that they will treat your framing with great care and have the right experience and technical ability to build the framing package to the correct specification.

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To tell you about Pure Framing and how good the quality of service I believe that the most helpful endorsement is from existing customers who have had frames made by me already.  Take a look at some of their testimonials (on this page).

About me (Jo Ronald)

I have been framing since 2011, training initially at the UK School of Framing.  As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild (the industry trade body representing Artists, Printers of Art and Framers in the UK), I work to their defined standards in their “Five Levels of Framing” and abide by their code of ethics.

My work as a professional picture framer started in 2015 under the business name “Jo Ronald Artisan Framing, and I re-branded under the new business name “Pure Framing” at the beginning of 2018 to reflect better what I am about as a framer.  My focus is purely on using the correct methods and high quality and appropriate materials for the framing work that you bring to me, and making sure that I understand your needs and preferences.  All the framing work I do is at “Commended Level” and above.

Pure Framing has a broad base of customers and I am an imaginative and resourceful framer who enjoys working closely with clients to make sure that they get a picture frame that suits their taste and purpose and protects their artwork, textile or object to the appropriate level of framing.

Framing takes place at my workshop near the village of Llangynog in Carmarthenshire. I provide picture framing services in Carmarthen and throughout Carmarthenshire, Pemrokeshire, South West Wales and beyond.  To see a map of my workshop near Carmarthen, click here.


UK School of Framing:

  • The Basics of Framing
  • Mount cutting and decoration
  • Fabric Framing
  • Framing 3D Objects
  • Conservation Framing
  • Adding decorative finishes to frames
  • Stretching and framing canvas

Fine Art Trade Guild (Advanced Level)

  • Conservation Framing
    Pure Framing Entry for FATG Best Mount Design Hand Cut Challenge 2019
    Pure Framing Entry for FATG Best Mount Design Hand Cut Challenge 2019
  • Textile Framing
  • Mount Decoration

Awards & Qualifications

Fine Art Trade Guild Arqadia Scholarship (Summer 2017)

Guild Certified Framer (Accredited Professional Framer) – GCF(APF) – February 2018

Finalist in the 2019 Fine Art Trade Guild “Best Mount Design Hand-cut” sponsored by Colourmount.

The Mission Statement of Pure Framing

The mission of Pure Framing is to:

  • Work closely with customers to understand their requirements and to provide excellent advice about design aesthetics and appropriate materials.
  • Make high quality picture frames using only appropriate materials and techniques.
  • Deliver work that represents fair value.

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