3D Framing

About 3D Framing

3D framing (or three dimensional framing) is for you if you have any objects or subjects that you want to frame that are not flat (e.g. prints, photographs, cross-stitch etc.).  I offer you all of the choice given for bespoke framing in terms of mouldings, mounts, and glass, but I will use either a deeper moulding, or a custom box that I will constructed to protect and display your 3D item.  You can even have LED  incorporated into the frame to light your subject if that is what you want.

3D box frame teddy bear3D box frame teddy bear
3D box frame teddy bear

Examples of 3D framing projects

The type of things that customer have 3D or box framed include:

  • Sports memorabilia and sports shirts
  • Other types of memorabilia and keepsakes
  • Childrens clothing or shoes
  • A favourite cuddly toy
  • Medals
  • Ceramics (e.g. a Tower of London Poppy)

People have even been known to have things like electric guitars framed!

3D box frame tower of london poppy
3D box frame tower of london poppy

If you would like to discuss getting a 3D object framed, get in touch

Get in touch with me to discuss your project if you have a three dimensional object that you would like to display and protect in a frame.  If its of a “frameable” size and weight, then I am sure I will be able to help!

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