Framing Service

Pure Framing provides high quality picture framing services from guild certified framer, Jo Ronald. Pure Framing is based near Carmarthen, offering picture framing in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales and beyond.  Click on the links or the images below to find out more about the picture framing services offered at Pure Framing.

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Bespoke Framing

This framing service covers all types of picture framing done at Pure Framing. Bespoke framing refers to the design choice in terms of mounts, mouldings and glazing that are put together in a framing package to suit your taste and the requirements of the item you are having framed in terms of protection.

Conservation Framing

The framing service for images, artwork, textiles and objects that are of value to you that you would like to protect for future generations.  Conservation Framing uses materials in the framing package that are specially developed to provide a stable environment for your subject.  Customers opt for conservation framing if they have:

  • Items of sentimental value
  • Items of financial value
  • Items of historic value
  • Items that are unique and irreplaceable

Textile Framing

For any textile or fabric based items to be displayed in a frame.  Textile Framing is a specialist framing service because fabric items need to be supported and if required, stretched correctly in order to make them look their best within the frame.  All textile framing work done at Pure Framing is done using the correct methods and is reversible, so the item can be removed from the frame in its original condition at a later date if needed.

Canvas Stretching & Framing

If you have a canvas on a roll that you want stretching onto stretcher bars in a “museum wrap” (so that it can hang on the wall as it is), and / or you would like to have a canvas framed in either a conventional frame or a canvas tray then this is the framing service you need.  All stretcher bars used by Pure Framing are made from seasoned tulip wood, so are less likely to warp than pine stretcher bars.

Hand Finished Frames

There are a range of bespoke hand finishes for picture frame mouldings allowing you to choose exactly the profile and colour that you want.  At Pure Framing I offer the full range of Farrow & Ball paint colours (132 in all) as well as wood stains and waxes, giving you freedom of choice and the ability to get the look that you want.

3D Framing

For three dimensional items that you would like to frame, for example sports shirts and sporting memorabilia, medals, children’s clothing or shoes, ceramic items etc.  A box frame is constructed for your item so that you can put it on display whilst protecting it from dust and other things that could fade or damage it.

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